Original Crash Bandicoot Games get Gorgeous Looking Trilogy of Remasters in 2017

Crash is back and he looks awesome!

Crash Bandicoot is back!!!! You read me right. Crash Bandicoot will be back doing what he does best, stopping Cortex, in 2017.

Originally announced at E3 2016, we learned that Sony had struck a deal with Activision (the owners of the Crash Bandicoot licence) to bring a remake of the original three PSOne game to the PlayStation 4. At the PlayStation Experience 2016, currently taking place right now, we have been treated to the very first trailer of our favorite marsupial and how he looks in all his remastered glory.

FYI: it looks ace. See the first trailer for Crash Bandicoot – N’Sane Trilogy below:

The trailer, available on Activision’s YouTube page, shows what looks to be a really faithful recreation of the original trilogy. The sounds, the music, the look and even the way the enemies are dispatched, are all still there as if you were playing the originals.

Despite this current gen being awash with game remasters, proper, full-blown remasters are a lot less and, to be honest, the excitement at being able to play these again, looking like that will probably be what gets me pick up a PS4 next year! I loved the originals and remained a fan of Crash in Mind Over Mutant and Crash of the Titans, but they weren’t the same.

You can check out all the news from the PlayStation Experience right here.

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