The Last of Us: Part Two Announced

"I'm going to find and kill, every last one of them"

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Joys and celebrations to you this festive season. Naughty Dog have provided us with an early Christmas present in the form of The Last of Us: Part 2.

Finishing off their conference at this weekend’s, PlayStation Experience, Sony revealed the much demanded sequel for the well revered action-survival game since its release back in 2013. You can see the first trailer below:

Not much else is known other than what is shown in the trailer. We can see an older and determined looking Ellie playing a guitar to start before conversing with her aged companion Joel. She declares that she is going to kill “every last one of them” and she certainly seems like she means it.

No known release date is known, but as we know, any game from Naughty Dog is always worth the wait.

If you like the look of this and haven’t played the original, I’m pretty sure most, if not every, PS3/PS4 owner will tell you to do so. It is available and relatively cheap to buy. You can download the remastered edition from the PS Store here.

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