Has Scalebound been Cancelled?

Trouble late on into the development?


There are rumors abound that the Xbox One and Windows exclusive, Scalebound, has been cancelled.

Reporting on the rumors, Kotaku, reached out to Microsoft for comment who got back to them with a simple “We’ll have more to share on ‘Scalebound’ soon.”

Having announced the game at E3 2014, Scalebound, has been in development for a serious amount of time. Led by Bayonetta director, Hideki Kamiya, it had been well received from the community and there are certainly a lot of people who were looking forward to it. It was most recently showcased at E3 2016 with an extensive game trailer fighting a giant spider/crab boss.

According to Kotaku, discussions around Scalebound have been missing of late, with the game absent from the latest Xbox Wire post, specifically focused on the Xbox One in the future. It is also reported that the official Scalebound page has been removed from the Xbox website.

It’s certainly not sounding good. I was really looking forward to this title, it was providing something very different and to come from Platinum Games, a well-revered studio, was another reason to keep this on the “one to watch” list.

Fingers crossed it isn’t game over. Scalebound was scheduled to release this year, despite the delays the game has had.

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