Logan Trailer #2 has been released and it’s emotional AND brutal!

Logan Trailer

Although it’s hard to see Hugh Jackman leave, it certainly doesn’t seem like everyone involved with Logan is holding anything back. If the previous trailer and this new trailer does anything, it proves just how committed everyone is to giving Hugh Jackman a worthy sendoff. In this Logan trailer, the emotions and violence are given even more of a focus (particularly the red band trailer that will also be attached at the bottom) and it’s undeniably engaging.

The particularly chilling and artistic marketing for this film has been unlike any other comic book movie in recent memory. Come March 3rd, it seems that both fans and non-fans will have an intense experience unlike any other movie within the genre. It’s hard not to be excited.

Also, if you want to check out the even-more violent version, here’s the red band trailer:

What do you think of the trailer(s)? What do you hope to see in the movie? How do you hope to see the character of Wolverine handled post-Logan? Let us know in the comments below!