Power Rangers Trailer #2 is out now, shows off Rita, Alpha 5, and Bryan Cranston’s Zordon!

Power Rangers Trailer

Who would’ve thought that a modern-day Power Rangers could look this good? Considering the extremely cheesy (but awesome) 90’s roots, this isn’t the easiest property to reboot. However, this trailer seems to take a mix of Chronicle and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers to make a movie that looks to have both cheese AND some cool action sequences.

There’s plenty to like here. Bryan Cranston looks perfect as Zordon, Bill Hader seems to have the perfect voice for Alpha 5, and Elizabeth Banks feels appropriately wicked as Rita. The Goldar tease at the end felt like a good finale for the trailer (“that’s a lot of gold”).

The few concerns that some will likely take away from it is the tone, the proper adaptations of the previously-established characters, and the predictability of the plot. In terms of tone, this is likely the best it could’ve been (as that 90’s cheese only works with very select films) and a healthy mix of cheesiness and serious could provide a fitting mood for the film. Adapting well-known characters will always be divisiveness if you change anything about them, so that aspect will likely depend on personal preference (although Cranston’s Zordon seems like a perfect choice casting-wise and aesthetically). In terms of plot, hopefully the story offers some more surprises than what is presented in the trailer.

Overall, there IS plenty to be excited about with Power Rangers, so here’s hoping Lionsgate does it right.

What do you think of the trailer? Are you a fan of the Power Rangers? What do you think of the character designs/casting choices? Let us know in the comments below!