Something For The Weekend – Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Old Republic
Good news everyone! It’s Friday, and it’s the first Friday for a lot of people since going back to work after Christmas and New Year, it’s the first Friday of 2017 and what better to celebrate this than to bring you the first Something For The Weekend of 2017!

It’s been a few weeks since the last Something For The Weekend so as a quick reminder, this is all about highlighting a game that you should take a look at over the weekend. It could be something you’ve either never heard of, you’ve not played in years or something that is just a damned classic that needs to be replayed sometimes. I would think that this week’s entry is going to be a game that the vast majority of you will have heard of and definitely fits in with the “damned classic” tag, it’s the Star Wars prequel that we should have had, it’s the game that propelled BioWare from great game developers to legendary, and the game that turned me from a gaming boy to a gaming man. It’s the 2003 classic turn-based RPG – Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Check out one of the trailer’s below, all courtesy of Darth LeBeau’s Star Wars Game Chamber.

From a cast that includes BioWare favorites such as Jennifer Hale, Raphael Sbarge and Courtenay Taylor, a narrative that oozes pure Star Wars EU, space combat, lightsaber battles, deception, great RPG elements and a “Light Side / Dark Side” morality system which would evolve into the Paragon / Rengade morality system in Mass Effect, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is undoubtedly one of the greatest games of the 00’s and one of the greatest games ever made.

Set around 4,000 years before the events of the movies, this setting gave BioWare the freedom and flexibility to create a truly unique Star Wars game that would make it stand above other greats like Tie Fighter and the Dark Forces franchise. If you’ve never stepped foot in BioWare’s vision of Star Wars, then you’re truly missing out on one of the all time greatest gaming experiences, available now on PC (through Steam), iOS and Android, Knights of the Old Republic is the perfect game to dive into to start off 2017 in style.

What do you think of Knights of the Old Republic? Would you recommend it to others? What games do you think should be featured on Something For The Weekend? Let us know in the comments below, the RGM Forums or on Twitter. If you like what you’ve read then feel free to share this article on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pintrest or Reddit using the buttons available!