Top PlayStation Store Downloads of 2016

PlayStation Store Downloads

2017 is upon us and with it a whole new year of gaming. Looking back on 2016, there were near-innumerable releases of fantastic quality, ranging from smaller indies all the way up to high-profile AAA releases. The PlayStation Store has officially announced what the most downloaded games were for 2016 and the results may surprise you. According to the official Playstation Blog, the most downloaded game was Rocket League. Rocket League took the gaming world by storm, quickly cementing a spot in MLG and garnering attention around the globe. Being offered as a free title for PS+ almost certainly helped push Rocket League back in 2015 in terms of overall numbers,  but it is incredible to see that momentum carry over into 2016. Truly, there can be no denying that the fantastic experience that Psyonix has crafted is something truly special.PlayStation Store DownloadsThe next most popular PS4 download was Battlefield 1. EA’s World War 1 shooter received near-unanimous critical praise and was received well by consumers, outselling both Battlefield 4 and Battlefield Hardline. There are some other interesting facts in this report, like how the top-selling PlayStation VR title was Job Simulator. Taking second place in the VR category was Batman: Arkham VR. The PS3 had very few new releases, with Minecraft: PlayStation 3 Edition taking the first spot in PS3 download, with The Last of Us earning the second place. PlayStation Store Downloads

Ultimately, this all points to a very healthy online ecosystem. With more exciting games on the way like God of War, Days Gone and The Last of Us Part 2, it will be very interesting to compare these lists to the top-selling games at the end of 2017. Be sure to check the Playstation Blog for the full charts of every PlayStation platform and top-grossing titles for each.