An RGM Interview with the Developers of WarBanners

WarBanners is an upcoming hybrid turn-based/strategy RPG.
WarBanners is an upcoming hybrid turn-based/strategy RPG.

Quite a few games have come to light as a result of the (now-defunct) Steam Greenlight program. Many of these are titles that might have never been produced, were it not for the vocal Steam community putting in their support. One of the last titles that will use the program is the upcoming game WarBanners. You can find the official Steam page here.

A few days ago, I had the privilege of interviewing Wouter Teunissen, PR manager for the team behind Warbanners. He happily answered a few questions I had about this intriguing game.

Samuel Tolbert (ST): How are you doing?

Wouter Teunissen (WT): Awesome, thank you! Would you like to get straight into your questions?

ST: That’s fine by me. How would you describe your team? What brought all of you together?

WT: Our team got together quite recently. The development team is led by one man who’s in charge of the company, he’s putting in a lot of effort. Then we get support from free-lance artists that are being hired to do small work. We also have a full time modeler.

The Official Logo for WarBanners
The Official Logo for WarBanners

ST: Awesome. How would you explain your project to the average gamer? Would you say WarBanners appeals to people looking for a fusion of gameplay styles?

WT: This project, for the average gamer, is a very fast-paced experience. WarBanners is a turn-based game with quite a bit of strategy and roleplaying elements. The aim is for the battles to be easy to learn but difficult to master. We’ve included a turn-based system very similar to the one seen in the Total War franchise. It was then meshed with the tile system like you see in Civilization.

ST: Nice. What other games or works have you drawn inspiration from in crafting WarBanners?

WT: We’ve drawn inspiration from quite a few games. Classics such as Fire Emblem, Fantasy General, Fantasy Wars, Dark Omen, and Age of Wonders have all given us inspiration. For me, as a gamer with 20 years of experience, Warbanners is a game of a dream. Therefore, though it certainly takes a lot of time and effort, it’s a pleasure for me to work on.

ST: That’s fantastic to hear. Lastly, how should fans keep up with the development and what platforms will WarBanners be available on?

WT: The best way for anyone who would like to stay up-to-date is by following @WarBanners on Twitter. They can also regularly check the Steam Greenlight page. WarBanners will be available on Windows, Linux and Mac, all through Steam.

So while there aren’t an incredible amount of details right now, WarBanners definitely seems interesting. I’d recommend fans of older RPGs or turn-based strategy should keep an eye on the development of this title. It certainly seems like there’s quite a bit of potential here.