The Batman Movie Receiving New Script and New Director

Ben Affleck as Batman in front of Batmobile

Recently, we received news of how Ben Affleck was stepping down from his role as director in the upcoming Batman movie. According to Forbes, Warner Bros. is now is the process of finding a new director. Once this is done, the script will be restarted and work on the film can resume. Ben Affleck has stated that he remains extremely involved with the project. He also mentioned that stepping down from the director’s chair was necessary to give his acting the full attention it needed.

The critical reception to recent DC films, however, has not exactly been stellar. For example, Suicide Squad was a financial success that grossed over $745 Million. However, it also received overwhelmingly negative reviews from critics. So getting the script right is going to be one of many critical factors. With Wonder Woman right around the corner, DC needs to see success. They also need to have a clear plan for the upcoming films. Hopefully we’ll get more information about the status of the Batman Movie fairly soon.