Get Even “Opposite Worlds” trailer confuses and intrigues

Bandai Namco and The Farm 51 have presented a story trailer for their new game, Get Even. From this trailer I can tell you…some things? I’m still not overly sure, but there’s a gruff Yorkshireman (think Sean Bean) and a more crisp male English voice, which merges with a female English voice. As well as a slightly distorted, panicked girl and a strange sounding guy.

Right let’s try and break it down a little. The trailer first shows what looks like a horror FPS, with the player using a smart phone to guide their way through a house. Then there’s a girl tied to a chair. In a big empty room with lights shining on her. OK we’re getting there. Then hang on…there’s a room with graffiti and an empty chair, but the shadow shows a girl tied to it. Then a TV with a guy on it?

Wait, maybe if I look at what is said by the voices. Also, there’s no subtitles so bear with me. I’m not sure I’ve got what the panicked girl said properly.

Yorkshireman: “You already know what I’m thinking about this. Because you’ve had the same thoughts.”

Panicked Girl: “How much did you know?”

Duel Voice: “I keep him around because he’s useful to me. He was built to take orders.”

PG: “How much to be responsible for?”

YM: “He thinks he owns me.”

PG: “Was it really you who started all this?”

DV: “You understand how rare that is? To have no purpose other than the one you’re given?”

YM: “But I’ve had enough now. I don’t trust him.”

DV: “He’s a hammer.”

YM: “I don’t trust his games.”

DV: “The perfect tool. As long as you use him for the right job.”

YM: “I don’t trust any of it.”

Strange Guy: “Party…the Party!”

SG: “He’s on his way! He’s on his way!”

SG: “He’s gone because of you! … We’ll all be gone soon!”

YM: “…and I’m gonna do something about it. I’m gonna get out of here.”

DV: “We’re from such opposite worlds he and I. That’s why I find him so fascinating. That’s why I’ve been studying him.”

YM: “I haven’t figured out how yet. But I do know that when the time comes I’m going to need allies.”

PG: “The wheels are in motion.”

SG: “We can sort this out in the gallows.”

YM: “So I need to know, are you with him. Or are you with me?”

DV: “He’s a simple creature. He just needs an objective.”

All the while, there are various scenes shown including a load of mannequins in praying poses and writing on a wall reading “All hail puppet master – thou shalt be king hereafter!”. You know what, I could try describing this article all day, just watch it.

Get Even Description

“As Cole Black, you’re in an old abandoned asylum with only your memories. Or whose memories are they? You have to save the girl. Focus on the details. She has a bomb. Wait, what? Get ready and explore the surrealistic and unconventional world of GET EVEN. What is real? Don’t make assumptions. Don’t even think. Just focus and breathe. You’re so close now…and the master is on his way.”

Get Even is out on May 26th for the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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