GreedFall unveiled by Focus Home Interactive

Focus Home Interactive are once more teaming up with developer Spiders to bring a new game to RPG fans. Titled GreedFall, it appears that the studio are sticking to what they know with a style similar to past efforts like Bound By Flame and The Technomancer. A short teaser has also been released. Check it out below:

GreedFall sets players loose on a remote island steeped in magic, rich with treasures and lost secrets. A grand journey filled with mystery follows, as you find yourself caught between invading settlers and the locals. Those locals are hardly defenseless though. Supernatural creatures appear to protect them, manifestations of the island’s power.

While the trailer features no gameplay, GreedFall looks to be an interesting fusion of fantasy and firearms. It’s graphical style is certainly unique. Straight from the devs, “It’s inspired by baroque art from 17th Century Europe, depicting grandiose scenery in muted warm colors and dark undertones.”

Spiders is aiming to offer players freedom to achieve quests and objectives in a multitude of different ways. Diplomacy, deception or stealth are all valid options. Of course, combat is always an entertaining choice. The island of GreedFall is a living, ever-evolving world. Actions and choices made will influence how factions and characters interact.

Jehanne Rousseau, CEO of Spiders, had this to say about the upcoming RPG:

“With GreedFall, Spiders is happy to renew its collaboration with Focus Home Interactive, our publisher for many years. The relationship of trust and transparency we have been developing together makes us particularly confident about the creation of this new project, more ambitious than all our past productions. Few publishers have the ability to support totally distinctive games like GreedFall and this secures us in our belief that we will manage with Focus Home Interactive to make this experience in a brand new universe both unique and unforgettable.”

GreedFall will release on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC in 2018. Does GreedFall look like it has potential? Let us know in the comments or hit the Forums.