Halo Wars 2 Gets Exciting Launch Trailer

The long-rumored sequel to the original Halo Wars was thought for years to be a pipe dream, however, Halo Wars 2 is almost here! Eight years later, we finally get to see this story resume. With it is coming an exciting campaign, frenetic multiplayer and the all-new, expansive Blitz mode. RTS veterans and newcomers alike should be in for something special, as Halo Wars 2 looks to promise something for everybody. Here is the celebratory launch trailer:

The odds definitely seem to be against Captain Cutter and the remaining crew on the Spirit of Fire. Seriously, Atriox makes Tartarus look like a complete slouch. On the other hand, this is Halo. Tough odds are nothing new. As for the development, it’s a killer lineup of teams. Blur Studio is known for their incredible CGI work and the cinematics shown here are no exception. With Total War developer Creative Assembly assisting in the game design, the gameplay here is sure to be top-notch. Of course, it all comes together under the leadership of 343 Industries. Regardless of how long you’ve been a fan, you won’t be waiting much longer. Halo Wars 2 releases February 21. Don’t forget, this is also an Xbox Play Anywhere title. That means that if you buy it digitally, you get a copy on Xbox One and Windows 10.