New Nioh DLC Adds Higher Difficulty Missions and More

New Nioh DLC
There will be both free and paid content

Developed by Team Ninja, Nioh just released earlier this month and yet we already have the first DLC details. Some of the new Nioh DLC will be free, some will not. According to statements made during a live stream from earlier today, the free content will be released first. Here’s the planned order of DLC:

Free Update 1 – Late March:

High-difficulty missions added. There are 10 types of missions, including missions with the feel of boss rushes.

Free Update 2 – Late April:

PVP will be added.

The paid content will release next. The first piece of paid DLC will be titled “Dragon of Tohoku” and will include the following:

  • Additional weapon types
  • Brand new scenarios
  • Additional characters
  • New guardian spirits
  • New yokai
  • Additional stages

After this, the next two packs are named Japan’s Best Warrior and Peaceful and Tranquil. Team Ninja has not announced, however, what these DLC packs will feature. I’d imagine the content to be in line with the first pack but that could be incorrect. If you haven’t gotten into Nioh yet, it looks like you’ll have plenty of additional content waiting on you before long. It’s great that the developers are continuing to support the game after release with new content, free or otherwise. Hopefully we’ll get more details on the second and third DLC packs soon. Nioh is available on PlayStation 4.