Next week’s notable game releases (February 13 – 17, 2017)

It’s another Saturday, which means it’s time to look at next week’s notable game releases. After last week’s releases not including any Xbox One releases, this week we see a something on almost everything apart from the Wii U and Xbox 360. These are by no means a surprise but it’s good to see game releases across the board. So without further ado, let’s check out some trailers for 4 of the games this week.

How to Survive 2 – 13 Feb (Xbox One)

MX Nitro – 14 Feb (PC, PlayStation 4 & Xbox One)

Realpolitiks – 16 Feb (PC & Mac)

Other Game Releases:

  • BOOR – 14 Feb (PC)
  • iO – 14 Feb (PlayStation 4, Windows Phone & Xbox One)
  • Slayaway Camp – 14 Feb (iOS)
  • Hitman – 15 Feb (Linux)
  • The Wardrobe – 15 Feb (PC & Mac)
  • Bridge Constructor – 16 Feb (PS Vita)
  • Mimics – 16 Feb (Android & iOS)
  • Dragon Ball Fusions – 17 Feb (3DS)

As you can see there’s more to pick from this week than last week! The release of How to Survive 2 on Xbox One is likely to be the most notable release. For me anyway, I loved the first one and can’t wait to play the second. Realpolitiks looks like a very interesting title which could be a bit of a slow burner on Steam.

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