Official Unboxing of Nintendo Switch is Now Live

Find out what wizardry is going on inside the box

official unboxing

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Are you excited? Nintendo Switch is only NINE days away! Of course, recently we have seen more of Nintendo Switch than perhaps Nintendo would have liked. With the unofficial leaked images and videos from someone who had reportedly acquired a Switch through nefarious means, it was probably only a matter of time before Nintendo released an official unboxing of its upcoming console.

If you don’t want to spoil the surprise on launch day I would probably not carry on reading (or watching). Though I will say that the video has got me more excited for the Switch’s launch come March 3rd. My original intent? To not watch any unboxing videos, but there’s some cool stuff I didn’t know about Nintendo’s new baby detailed in the video.

Take a look for yourself and see what you think:

Despite the slightly QVC feel to the video initially and the obvious sexual tension between the two presenters, it’s looking pretty cool right? The guys at Nintendo Minute are obviously very happy to be holding a Switch and understandably so.

So what new things can we glean from this YouTube video?

  1. I want one of those Nintendo Switch hoodies!
  2. I REALLY want one of those Nintendo Switch hoodies!
  3. The Nintendo Switch tablet looks fairly substantial when complete with the Joy-Con controllers.
  4. Those clicks are super satisfying, even just from the video.
  5. Like the 3DS there is a port for both game cartridges and Micro SD cards.
  6. Like the GameCube’s handle, Nintendo Switch has a couple of cool features to make it more functional. We knew about the kickstand (hooray for another satisfying click)! Furthermore the dock has a built in cable tidy system; a removable flap allows you to plug in the HDMI, AC power and a USB item and keep the wires tidy and out of view. Great idea!
  7. How cool is that wallpaper in the background?
  8. The dock also has a nice click.
  9. The Joy-Con straps are sooooooo much better than the Wii straps. They just click (yay) in and you’re away. None of that Wii-mote condom nonsense!
  10. There are indicators on the Joy-Con to show you which player you are when using both parts across two players (such as in 1, 2 Switch).
  11. I am going to be smelling my console the moment I open it, like a new book, it must happen!

So there you have it. Some cool new info and a fun official unboxing video to get you even more hyped before Nintendo unleashes the Switch onto the market next week!

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