Rocket League is Getting PS4 Pro Support

Rocket League is getting PS4 Pro Support
Rocket League is getting PS4 Pro Support

Since it released in 2015, Rocket League has seen phenomenal success. Even late last year, well after its release date, it managed to be the most downloaded game of 2016. Psyonix has added new maps, modes, items and DLC to the game over the past several months. Now, it’s receiving even more new content. According to the official website, Rocket League is getting PS4 Pro Support. The update will come through on February 21, running the game at 4K 60FPS on the PS4 Pro. This does, of course, assume you are playing on a 4K TV.

Some other content will be added as well. It includes:

  • Hot Wheels Premium DLC Cars, Twin Mill III and Bone Shaker (sold separately).
  • Additional free Hot Wheels-themed post-match item drops, including both Toppers and Antennas.
  • A new fan-voted “Player’s Choice” Crate filled with some of the community’s favorite items.
  • PS4-specific technical improvements.
  • Multiple performance optimizations and bug fixes.

This is fantastic news for PS4 Pro owners. If you haven’t picked up Rocket League yet, or are looking for a reason to get back into it, I’d definitely say this is a strong reason. However, even if you don’t own a PS4 Pro, the new DLC also looks great. Hopefully we continue to see more and more content added to this great game.