Something for the Weekend – Plants vs Zombies

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Good news everyone! It’s Friday! So as per usual, we’re here to give you a game for you think about for the weekend ahead. It wont be a game that is a recent release, it’s something to give you an alternative. Sometimes it’s an indie title, sometimes it’s a bit of a classic. Whatever it is, it’s one that we really think you could spend some time playing this weekend. Without further ado, this weekend’s choice is Plants vs Zombies. Instead of the usual trailer, check out the music video below.

Plants vs Zombies

I can honestly say when I first saw this, I thought it would be just another dull tower defense game. They aren’t my favorite genre (as you might tell) but once I started playing I found that I couldn’t stop. From the frankly bizarre premise of defending your house in a zombie apocalypse with plants to Crazy Dave, your neighbor and I suppose merchant?

As is the same with all tower defense games, you start with a nominal set of resources which will grow over time. You must use these resources to the best of your ability to defend your base from the incoming invaders as they get progressively harder to defeat and greater in number. But of course as the enemy improves, your arsenal of weapons do as well. From Wall-Nuts to Tall-Nuts and Chompers to Melon-Pult. The array of weapons you can use is quite vast and varied and some will depend on your environment. There are levels that take place at night as well as the day and levels that take place on the roof or around the pool.

There’s also some very good mini-games which are all good fun, including a mode where you control the zombies instead of the plants.

All in all, Plants vs Zombies is a solid game, and will take up a good chunk of your weekend should you choose to play it. Plants vs Zombies is available on PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Nintendo DS, Mobile Devices (Android, iOS, Blackberry, Kindle Fire and Windows Phone) as well as on the Mac. You can download it by going straight to the official website linked here.

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