Something For The Weekend – This War of Mine

Civilization II

Good news everyone! It’s finally Friday, and as such it’s time again for Something for the Weekend. As you’re hopefully aware by now, each Friday we aim to showcase a game that we think you should sink your teeth into for the coming weekend. This weekend, that game is the critically acclaimed This War of Mine. Considering the state of the world, and the ongoing conflict in Syria, this is quite a pertinent game to choose right now. Instead of showing just one trailer, I feel it necessary to show you 2. Please watch them both to get more of a feel of this game if you’re not very aware of it.

Announcement Trailer

This War of Mine is a complete break from the norm when we consider war games. We can’t help it, but when we think of war based games, we immediately think of the Battlefield or Call of Duty games. Of course others might think of the Total War games or games like Company of Heroes. However the common theme among them all is that you are in control – either directly of a solider on the ground, or of squads or even whole armies. You are a part of the core action, taking checkpoints, winning battles and shooting the bad guys.

This is where This War of Mine differs completely. You’re not a soldier. You’re not a General. You are not part of an elite unit. No, you’re a civilian not unlike the person writing this and not unlike yourself. Well most likely, if you’re a member of the Armed Forces and are reading this, well sir or ma’am, you have my utmost respect.

This War of Mine focuses on the civilian aspect of war, the people who are affected on a much wider scale. It’s a survival game unlike any other I’ve ever played. It’s hard, gripping and definitely a game that you will find yourself invested in. Of course we got the major feels in games like Modern Warfare 3 when Soap bought it. Or when Dom sacrifices himself in Gears of War 3. I shed a tear for Thane and Mordin in Mass Effect 3, hell I got a quivered lip for Legion in that game. He referred to himself in the first person!! He’d gained full sentience!!

Survivor Trailer

Moving on from that though, my point is that you became emotionally attached to these characters through multiple games (notice the “3” in each?) whereas This War of Mine hits you hard quite quickly because there’s a little of someone you know in each of the characters. It might only be a little something, but the main thing is that like Emir Cerimovic said in the trailer above:

“I know one thing. It might happen to anyone. War always happens at somebody’s doorstep.”

This War of Mine is emotional, challenging and poignant, furthermore it’s a fantastically well designed game that will draw you in and keep you playing. Originally released on PC in 2014, This War of Mine was ported to Android and iOS mobiles in 2015. Finally it released in January 2016 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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