Steam Sales Writer’s Picks – February 24th

Steam Sale Writer's Picks

Emily gives her personal picks from the Steam Sale this week

I’m back from my holiday! I was in Tenerife, off the coast of Morocco, and it was bloomin’ marvellous. Now is the time for getting myself really together. I know I’ve been talking about it for about four months, but it’s now or never… That sounds like a good song lyric. Maybe that’s my calling.

Here are some picks of awesome titles on sale on Steam this week.

Saints Row IV

This sandbox action comedy takes things to another level that simply has not been matched. Some would argue that this is actually a good thing, for various reasons. The Saints Row series started as a more flamboyant Grand Theft Auto, but quickly became its own entity, allowing for insane weapons and customisation options from the offset, rather than unlocking these things as you progress. The opening of the game sees you as the President of the United States, after all. Grab Saints Row IV for 75% off.

The story is nothing short of ridiculous, but sometimes that’s all you need. All of the titles in the franchise are on sale by the same amount, so you can start a little less outrageously, but in all honesty, if you’re going to go for it, then bloody well go for it. As the President, it is down to you to save the Earth from invading aliens. That’s right, it came to this. However, the gameplay is solid and always fun. There is no stopping the laughs when you load this one up.

The best feature however, is the multiplayer. You can play through missions and free play with a friend, with seamless drop-in and drop-out play. It makes the laughs all the more worth it, and for the price Saint’s Row IV is on for at the moment, there aren’t many excuses!


Divinity: Original Sin – Enhanced Edition

I think I’ve mentioned this one before, but it was such a long time ago, that it deserves another run. Divinity: Original Sin won several choice awards in 2014, and it’s pretty easy to see why. If you haven’t tried it already, you can get it for half price this week.

The Enhanced Edition allows for more features and in-depth gameplay in this fantasy rich RPG. Whilst investigating a murder, you are caught up in a world of dark magic and epic characters, facing a threat bigger than anyone could imagine. The isometric camera and eye-catching style makes this game easy to navigate and smooth to play. The story is fantastic, and the options for progress are interesting and deep. Combat is satisfying and great to look at, and the soundtrack is fantastic.

This is another title in which you can play multiplayer, with split screen options too. This is a pretty unusual thing for an RPG, but it really works here. There’s a real feel for unity and teamwork, so if you and your pal are looking for something a little more serious and meaty to play than Saints Row IV, try Divinity: Original Sin.


Dragon Ball Xenoverse

This is a title that I love playing with the young people I work with when we set the ol’ Xbox up. They have grown up with Dragon Ball, and love this game. If you’re a fan, or you enjoy the epic Japanese style fighters like TRANSFORMERS: Devastation, Devil May Cry and Odin Sphere, then you are sure to appreciate this one. Grab Dragon Ball Xenoverse for 75% off.

While it can be a bit of a grind, it’s worth it for the brilliant style and gameplay. It’s smooth and colourful, and the environment behind you can hold anyone’s attention. Cutscenes taken directly from the anime, and voice acting to go with it make this one a great choice for the fans, and the whole thing feels like a playable series of the show. The game feels as crazy and dramatic as the anime, but that only adds to the fun. Get a pal with you for this one too, it’s very much worth it.


Shovel Knight

Shovel Knight was one of those simply perfect games made by an indie developer that everyone loved. It has a simple premise; save the girl and defeat the evil, and is an 8-bit style platform game. Sounds like a lot of other things, right? But as I said, this is executed perfectly. Get Shovel Knight for a third off.

The gameplay is tight and responsive, making you feel as though they will never let you down, which is important for a platformer. The story, while simple, is fun and engaging throughout, and easy to play with young ones. The devs have released free DLC too, meaning replayability is always an option. Plus, the music is fantastic. It’s a real treat.


Special Mention: The Sims 3

I love The Sims. I love it. The Sims 3 was the best too. Buy it. It’s pennies at 75% off so there’s no excuses.

Need a day of nothing but daydreaming and coffee? Sims 3. Need to enjoy watching people in much worse everyday situations than yourself, but hate soap operas? Sims 3. Wish you could be someone else for a while before realising it would be disastrous? Sims 3. The Sims is probably the best escapist time waster ever made, and I love it.


Bye. I’m off to create all my favourite 90s boyband members and put them in one big house with me. Until next week, have a great one.