Stunning Horizon Zero Dawn trailer explores the wild

Horizon Zero Dawn's story

With every passing trailer, Horizon Zero Dawn looks more and more like a potential GOTY. From stunning graphical details that look as if every blade of grass has been lovingly created to the way the gameplay looks incredibly smooth. As we all know though, trailers can be deceiving. A game’s trailer is not always indicative of how good the game is likely to be. No Man’s Sky anyone?

I feel confident however that Guerrilla Games’ action RPG will not falter however. With Hideo Kojima choosing the studio to work with to create his enigmatic Death Stranding, Horizon Zero Dawn looks like a nailed on GOTY contender.

The latest trailer for it is titled “Explore the Wild”, and shows off little snippets of different locales. From Red Dead Redemption looking desert landscapes to icy messes of twisted metal that looks as though it was designed by M.C. Esher. A lot of the gameplay looks very much inspired from games like Uncharted and Rise of the Tomb Raider and as an avid PC gamer, this is one of the games that makes me lean more towards the PlayStation 4 over the Xbox One. I’ve gotta be honest with you!

The features of Horizon Zero Dawn highlighted in the trailer include:

  • Discovering new frontiers
  • Exploring a post-apocalyptic world
  • Uncovering ancient secrets

That’s enough of me chatting about it, just watch it!

Explore the Wild Trailer

Horizon Zero Dawn is out on February 28th in North America, March 1st in the PAL region exclusively on PlayStation 4.

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