X-Morph: Defense coming soon to PS4, Xbox One and PC

X-Morph: Defense features dynamic environmentsToday the developer of Zombie Driver, EXOR Studios announced their latest game, X-Morph: Defense. Gamers can look forward to a unique twin stick shooter, tower defence hybrid. The game is coming later this year to PS4, Xbox One and PC.

X-Morph: Defense will feature destructible dynamic environments never before seen in a tower defence game. Players take control of the X-Morph, an alien species. Harvest resources or terraform Earth’s surface to create mazes for enemies. Destroy buildings, take down bridges, giving players a whole new level of interaction with environments. The game also features complete freedom on where to place alien towers.

The Player can engage with the enemy directly or build towers. The towers can be linked together to block enemy paths. The buildings and bridges can be destroyed to alter enemy paths in your favour. The game will also feature boss enemies, each one unique in different ways. A local co-op mode is also in the game.