BioWare is ‘aware’ of the issues with MEA – fixes are on the way


Well, Mass Effect: Andromeda (MEA) – that happened. Much to many long-time fan’s delight, and for others, not so much.

Regardless of your feelings on your initial experience with the game, if you are hoping to push through and find a more enjoyable experience on your hands, you may very well be about to have your wish granted.

BioWare have advised that they are fully aware of the feedback that is being provided and have plans to share with you their way forward through this on April 4th.

Personally, I feel that a lot of the main issues people are experiencing with becoming immersed in this game come from the ‘homework’ like feeling you get from the first few hours of the game, which deter many. However, if you push through that you find yourself with an inter‘stellar’ game on your hands.

None the less, the issues are still very present, particularly with bugs, and knowing that BioWare are hard at work to improve the overall experience is very reassuring.

Be sure to check back in with us on April. 4th for more details on how they plan to tackle these issues.