Final Fantasy XV March Update: Chapter 13 improvements, explore new areas & Noctis’ off the chain spells

March Update

It’s here, it’s finally here!! For those of us that have completed Final Fantasy XV, DLC inclusions such as Episode Gladiolus bring life back to the game again for us, especially inclusions such as the March update.

Revealed today, Square Enix have showcased a new trailer that shows off the improvements being made to chapter 13 (I’m not sure my body is ready to go through that again), new areas to explore that could not previously be reached, and of course, the most exciting part, Noctis’ spell casting abilities are getting a massive bump.

A brief re-cap of Episode Gladiolus is also included in the video, however if you would like to see the entire trailer you can check that out here. This DLC is available as a part of your Season Pass or can be purchased separately for $4.99 USD.

This patch is about to go live in most regions, so you don’t have long to wait however, please keep in mind that if you have not yet completed chapter 13 you are in for some spoilers if you watch the below video.

The choice, is yours……………..