Middle Earth: Shadow of War Gameplay Revealed

Shadow of War Gameplay Revealed
Talion riding a drake in the new gameplay footage

After quite a bit of buzz a short while ago, Middle Earth: Shadow of War has been shown off with actual gameplay. Monolith Productions is developing Shadow of War while Warner Bros is publishing it. This game is the sequel to Shadow of Mordor which released in 2014. While the game is still in alpha, the 15 minute video shows countless new features like improvements to the Nemesis system, gameplay expansion and more.

Here’s the Shadow of War gameplay video:

The video, and some screenshots, are also on the official website here. There’s so much here that attempting to go through it all is nearly overwhelming. Your own army. The new types of followers like giant Uruks and Trolls. Dynamic sieges, a more developed Nemesis system. The ability to control Drakes. The fact that your own followers might betray you or intervene to save your life. All of this is simply incredible.

I hope we get to see more gameplay fairly soon. Some more detailed explanations of the new features would also be appreciated. Fortunately, we aren’t waiting too long for the game to come out. Middle Earth: Shadow of War releases on August 22nd, 2017 for PlayStation 4, Steam, Windows 10 and Xbox One.