Shadow Warrior coming to Xbox One and PS4 this Spring “If all things go well”

The wildly fun follow-up to Flying Wild Hog’s original Shadow Warrior seems like it’ll be heading to consoles soon. In fact, the developers seems to be expecting Shadow Warrior 2 to come out in spring, should everything go to plan.

In a Tweet from March 17th, the official Shadow Warrior 2 page stated:

Shadow Warrior 2 will hit XB1 + PS4 this spring if all things go well with certification and will include all current DLC! Thx for patience!

This is good news to console players who haven’t been able to take part in Flying Wild Hog’s wild sequel to their 2013 hit. So far, the game is only available on PC, but with a console port incoming that has DLC included, FWH seems ready to deliver players a good time regardless of platform.

You can check out RGM’s review of Shadow Warrior 2 here.

You can also check out how Flying Wild Hog’s latest game in motion down below:


Are you going to pick up SW2? Do you prefer using swords or guns in these games? Did you play the 2013 original? What is your favorite Doom-like FPS? Let us know in the comments below, then check out the RGM forums.