Something For The Weekend – Portal

Civilization II

Good news everybody! It’s finally Friday! Thank you God, Vishnu, Allah, Buddha and any other deity that wants to claim it! In fact, I’m calling it. This was a triumph. I’m making a note here: huge success! It’s hard to overstate my satisfaction. If those past few sentences seemed familiar, it could be because they’re the opening verse to Still Alive – the end credit song of 2007’s cult classic (and source one of the most famous memes out there) – Portal. Check out the trailer below courtesy of ValveVideos on YouTube.

Portal is essentially a First Person Puzzle game. You could say it’s a shooter, because technically I suppose you are firing a gun. It’s just not what you’d call a conventional gun. Portal though is a game requiring thought and quick reflexes and ends up having a delicious little plot twist as you approach the end.

Portal is laced with a vein of humor throughout though. From the twisted machinations of GLaDOS to the oddly cute sounding turrets. Especially the very catchy song during the end credits, which – come on I know those of you who have played will want to listen to. Check it out courtesy of OTG on YouTube.

Portal – Still Alive

Portal is available on PC, Linux, Max, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and is backwards compatible on Xbox One.

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