Microsoft is now offering refunds on certain digital games on Xbox One & Windows 10 (T&C’s apply)

digital refunds

Ever bought a game digitally on impulse then regretted it? Played maybe one or two hours and realized this is not the game for you? Well, you are not alone and luckily you now stand a chance at getting refunds on games such as that.

Microsoft are now offering self-service refunds on Xbox One and Windows 10 if you apply within 14 days of purchase, or have played less than 2 hours over all accounts.

This does not apply to DLC, season passes or add-ons, so if you are buying digitally and you are not entirely sure if you are going to enjoy the experience maybe just buy the base game and worry about add-ons and DLC after you have decided you are going to stick with the game.

I often find that two hours is not actually giving a game a real go, judging if you are going to enjoy the entire 20 – 150 hours worth of potential game play is a tough ask in my opinion however, this new service does give you more flexibility if you find yourself in a position where you are in fact able to make that call less than two hours in.

Please see the below tweet for the current details: