Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare gets a new patch to address various bugs & fixes

Patch Notes

new patch

For anyone playing Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare on a regular basis, you are most likely keeping a close eye on the new patch updates as the tiniest tweak to one of your favorite weapons or game modes can have a big impact on the way you play the game.

The newest update is nothing especially exciting in that regard, with the list of changes focusing on tightening up some of the various issues within the game (one patch is simply not able to tackle them all, so be patient). You can see the list of changes made below:

General Fixes

VPR adjustments:

  • Recoil and gun kick provide a little more consistency
  • Damage adjustments
  • Fixed a bug that would double up on hit markers
  • Increased clip/stock size
  • Decreased reload times
Various map fixes
  • Slide challenges: added a grace period to make slide medals and challenges easier to get
  • Fix for a bug where enabling and disabling Hardcore Mode would not correctly keep Respawn Delay values in sync for the mode
  • Fix for the player being damaged by their own Shockwave while using Reactive Armor
  • Disabling Gestures while in Phase Shift
CWL adjustments:
  • Removed grace period times for Overdrive and Active Camo. This means you will no longer be refunded the Payload even if killed just after activating the Payload
  • Lowered score requirements for all Payload weapons except Claw to make them more viable for use
  • Banning silencers for all weapons