Digital Foundry Scorpio Reveal – 5 Ways Scorpio Improves Xbox One and Xbox 360 Games

5 Ways Scorpio Improves Xbox One and Xbox 360 Games

Digital Foundry have just revealed on Eurogamer a new video detailing how the new Microsoft console, codenamed Project Scorpio, will improve your existing Xbox One and Xbox 360 titles.

You can check the video below:

One of the key points from the video is that, whatever your Xbox One can play, Project Scorpio can do it, better. Here are some key points from the video:

  1. Performance – games will perform better. There will be far more consistent performances towards the target frame rate. Games should be locked to their highest possible resolution. Not at 4K, this will need a specific patch from the developers.
  2. No screen tearing – Screen-tearing will be eliminated from Xbox One titles on Scorpio.
  3. Increased texture quality – the video details examples of how the anti-aliasing has been improved to improve the visible texture qualities on Scorpio.
  4. Game DVR – the Scorpio can do full 60FPS 4K encoding for game captures. There will be a new feature to move frame by frame to save the best screenshot.
  5. Loading times – Scorpio’s extra 31% of CPU power allows for faster loading times. 4K loading times and downloads should run faster with a wider broadband width. There is also 8GB of memory available to developers. This opens up the chance for potential issues similarly to PS4 Pro’s ‘Boost Mode’.

Games will also be tweaked to ensure full compatibility and Microsoft are working to ensure they will run the best they can.

Be sure to check out our Project Scorpio hub for all the details as they appear.

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