#PREPARETODINE BANDAI NAMCO trailer for upcoming project


A BANDAI NAMCO trailer has been teased for a new project, which was released today with the hashtag #PREPARETODINE. The official announcement date will be April 20th, 2017.

Stay tuned to RGM and let us know what you think this game might be in the comments below!

For additional details and places to follow further news regarding this teaser, here are the links provided by BANDAI NAMCO:


Visit: https://www.bandainamcoent.com/news/p…

Original animation inspired by an upcoming Bandai Namco Entertainment project.

Original Animation Credits:

Production Company: Lizzi Akana LLC
Director: Lizzi Akana
Character Design/Storyboard Art: Marika Cowan
Background Design: Jennifer Leaver
Animation: Lizzi Akana, Marika Cowan
Compositing: Andrew Macfarlane
Music: Fritz Myers (Platitude Music)

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