Hardware Labs Video Details Some of the Tech and Gadgets in Prey

Maps, explosions and lures oh my!

Hardware Labs

Another week, another video on the extremely good-looking Arkane Studios title, Prey. This weeks video comes from ‘Hardware Labs’ the in-game tech company. They are responsible for creating and maintaining the technology on the Talos I, the space station in which you will be fighting off the Typhon. The video details some of the useful gadgets you will be using throughout the game upon its release.

You can check out the new video from YouTube below:

There’s some really interesting tech and some more standard items you’ll get to use in the space adventure. The video details the following gadgets:

  • Transcribe Unit – this is essentially your menu item. You will use the Transcribe Unit to check the map, your upgrades, your inventory and other pieces of information, such as objectives.
  • Recycler Charge – a funky grenade. It creates an implode that coverts surrounding matter in a small radius into ‘recycled material fragments’.
  • Engineering Operator – these robots are spread throughout Talos I and perform a variety of functions. They can malfunction and become hostile when they sustain damage.
  • Gloo Cannon – literally a weaponized glue gun. It can be used to stop Typhon in their tracks.
  • Typhon Lure – a luminescent ‘night light’ that attracts Typhon, stopping them in their tracks. It is unclear if all Typhon will be susceptible to this.

I’ve already said before but I am really looking forward to Prey. The cross between Bioshock and Dishonored set in space is incredibly appealing. I am a huge fan of Arkane Studios and what they seem to be doing with Prey is incredibly exciting.

Prey releases on May 5th for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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