A major update for Warframe on Xbox One & PS4 brings Octavia’s Anthem & much more

Octavia’s Anthem

The extremely popular free-to-play title Warframe has received a major update for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of the game, introducing Octavia’s Anthem, which was released on the PC version of the game last month, along with various new weapons, a new quest, and many more parcels of goodies.

You can check out all the new additions below:


Force your foes to face the music with Lotus’ newest warrior, Octavia. Octavia’s abilities are powered by the Mandachord, a formidable tool used to mix Melody, Bass, and Percussion into a harmony of destruction. Create cooperatively devised songs with friends in dojos, or download other Tenno-created songs and re-experience Octavia from a different perspective.

Passive: Briefly replenish energy for Octavia and nearby allies when abilities are activated.
Mallet (Percussion)
• Rhythmically beats damage into nearby enemies and draws their fire. Damage inflicted on the Mallet increases its lethality.
Resonator (Bass)
• Launches rollerball that charms foes to follow it. When it vanishes, charmed enemies stagger. Combines with the Mallet to create a roving ball of musical devastation.
Metronome (Melody)
• Grants buffs to those who consistently perform actions in time to Octavia’s music. Timed jumps offer the Vivace speed buff. Crouching on the beat grants cloaking with the Nocturne buff. Firing rhythmically bestows Opera a multishot buff. Timed melee swings gives the Forte damage buff.
 *Please note:

In missions with multiple Octavias present, the UI will indicate buffs for every active Octavia, but you’ll only benefit from the strongest of those buffs.
• Draws power from the decibel level of sound in the area and uses it to amplify a damage buff for Octavia and her allies. It also doubles the damage and range of nearby Mallets.


Don your best Fashion Frame, then capture and edit the ultimate image with a variety of filters, graphics and editing tools.


The Octavia’s Anthem Quest will have you drawn into the Relay by the vast consciousness Cephalon Suda, whose strange, disoriented behavior warrants investigation. Find out what happened to Cephalon Suda before it’s too late and the knowledge she has collected is destroyed. Beware, Tenno, as darkness lingers.


Wield two new weapons designed to work in synch with the Octavia Warframe.


More than a dozen new skins, Syandana, helmets have been added. They include:

  • Sari Syandana
  • Frost Emperor Skin
  • Ember Graxx Skin
  • Saryn Graxx Skin
  • Frost Hailstorm Skin
  • Nekros Lazarus Helmet
  • Mag Induction Helmet
  • Spitefire Syandana
  • Liset Hellkite
  • Atlas Telamon Helmet
  • Mag Torodial Helmet
  • Setka Syandana
  • Ash Carabid Helmet
  • Excalibur Ogrant Helmet
  • Banshee Echo Helmet