Alan Wake is being delisted from stores, Sunset Sale live now

Alan Wake
Alan Wake first released on the Xbox 360 back on May 14th, 2010

Unfortunately, we have some disappointing news. Remedy’s Alan Wake is being delisted from stores, both physical and retail. This means that if you ever want to play this game but you don’t own it, you need to buy it now. Remedy has helpfully announced a Sunset Sale for the Steam version of Alan Wake that is live now. During this Sunset Sale, the game and all DLC is 90% off.

The sale will remain live until the game is removed on May 15th, 2017. If you’d like to buy it from the Xbox Store, you can go here. The Xbox 360 version is backwards compatible for the Xbox One and will remain so even after the game becomes unavailable to purchase.

Here’s the Twitter announcement:

Evidently this is because the music tracks in the game require a license that is expiring. This means that the game and DLC will be “hidden” and cannot be purchased from the Xbox and Steam stores. If you own it digitally, you’ll still be able to download it though and of course physical discs will continue to work. However, Alan Wake’s American Nightmare is going to stay listed on the Xbox and Steam stores as that license was renewed. For more information, please check the official Remedy post.

Personally, as a fan of Alan Wake, this is certainly disappointing. Hopefully we’ll see Remedy Entertainment renegotiate the music licenses so the game can be re-listed. In the meanwhile, I strongly urge you to buy this title if you don’t own it yet. It may be your last chance ever.