Bioware’s new IP pushed back to fiscal year 2019

Bioware's new IP
Their new game is a departure from their long-standing tradition of roleplaying games

Bioware are the developers of many beloved games and franchises. They’ve created such titles as Knights of the Old Republic, Mass Effect, Dragon Age and more. Famous for making role-playing games, Bioware’s new IP is not going to be an RPG but instead an action-adventure title. It was originally slated to release sometime between April 2017 and March 2018 (fiscal year 2018). However, during their Fourth Quarter investor call, EA CEO Andrew Wilson confirmed that it has been pushed back to fiscal year 2019.

During the call, he made some interesting points about the game, stating that “We are very pleased with the progress of our new action IP from BioWare – the design is stunning, gameplay mechanics are excellent, and the action will be exhilarating. This game is built around a live service, and through our creative process we have decided to add more to the disruptive new social designs for our players.”

This is certainly interesting, hinting at a very Destiny-like social world, certainly outside the norm for Bioware.

So, this means the game will release sometime well into 2018 at the earliest. All things considered, it’s probably for the best, as polish for a game is never a bad thing. However it does make me wonder whether we’ll see an announcement at E3 2017 or not. Hopefully we’ll find out more soon. For more information from EA’s investor call, check here.