Destiny 2’s official gameplay and details revealed!

Destiny 2's official gameplay
This is the first look at Destiny 2's gameplay
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Here it is! The reveal of Destiny 2’s official gameplay! This follows the reveal trailer from earlier in the year. First, things kicked off with a brand new trailer about what it means to be a Guardian. During the livestream, Bungie made it clear that Destiny 2 is about “a world that pulls you in“, “amazing things to do“, and making there’s “always someone to play with.”

Here’s the official gameplay trailer:


Here’s a list of the mission content and structure revealed during the livestream, both returning and new:
  • Campaign, with more cinematic focus
  • Strikes
  • Crucible (now 4v4)
  • Lost Sectors, a new type of dungeon
  • No more returning to orbit to launch an activity
  • Multiple new locations, like the moons of Saturn or the European Dead Zone
  • Clans, with in-game rosters and custom banner support
  • Guided Games, allowing players to choose which Clans they’d like to play with in matchmaking
  • The PC version will be available exclusively through the Blizzard client

Remember, Destiny 2 releases on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on September 8th, 2017.

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