Lawbreakers is releasing on PlayStation 4

Lawbreakers is releasing on PlayStation 4
Lawbreakers still does not have a confirmed release date

A big announcement has come out for Lawbreakers, the gravity-defying shooter from Boss Key. Lawbreakers is releasing on PlayStation 4 in addition to PC. To commemorate the announcement, the studio has put out a new trailer.

Here’s the Rise or Fall trailer:

Here’s the description:

Gravity can go fnck itself in the premier cinematic trailer for LawBreakers, the new skill-based multiplayer FPS from Cliff Bleszinski. Witness a diverse cast of gravity-defying characters clash after a heist gone wrong, as the Law and Breakers vie for control of a mysterious briefcase. What could be inside? Who the hell knows, but one thing is for certain: one side will RISE and the other FALL. Coming soon to PC and PS4

Originally a PC exclusive, PlayStation 4 owners will now also get to pick up this game. According to Gamespot, when asked about an Xbox One or Nintendo Switch version the studio replied that “anything’s possible.” They also confirmed that Lawbreakers will cost $30 and will not feature any sort of crossplay.

To sign up for the beta, go here.

If you missed the previous trailer revealed at the 2016 Game Awards, be sure to check it out right here.

For more information about the game, I recommend visiting the official website.