RGM Announces: GameBouts eSports Competitions


As you can see, a few things are changing around here. From our new color scheme, to our plans for how we are going to help bring the community together through friendly based competitions, along with very competitively driven tournaments.

Today we are announcing our partnership with GameBouts and offering you the opportunity to sign your team up (or as an individual) to compete in a variety of competitions. No matter what your skill level is, there is a place for you.

To begin our tournaments, we are starting with a TITANFALL 2 ladder based system which you can register for right now. You will find everything you need on the website to get you up and running.

If you’re a gamer looking to play with others, there is a social system in place that allows you to chat with users online, as well as an open challenge system. Looking for friends to game with was never so easy.GameBouts

We plan on bringing you epic battles, new and innovative technologies, prizes and rewards, and much, much more.

GameBouts will be your new home for meeting friends and competing. Our focus is to bring the community back together like never before, so get your teams ready for some of the most awesome battles you will experience.

At GameBouts you can expect professionalism, world class commentary and co-ordination from presenters such as Tiffanie Helene aka iishiii from the cuThroat clan, and Bella Ryse from Real Game Media.

So register today and let’s get gaming!