RGM Podcast #28 – The Latest Games News, Debate Night Semi-Final & E3 Updates

RGM Podcast #28

Welcome to the RGM Podcast #28 with special guest Sam Stephenson from Operation Supply Drop.

We have a massive line up of topics to discuss with you, along with the second semi-final of Debate Night with Eric Jackson and Bella Ryse going head to head over the release timeframes of consoles.

  • Bella Ryse, Host, Editor in Chief, Director
  • Julius Malco, Director RGM
  • Sam Tolbert, Assistant Editor in Chief
  • Eric Jackson, Senior Writer
  • Sam Stephenson, Operation Supply Drop
The topics for discussion are:
  • Introductions & what have we been playing
  • Debate Night Semi-Finals Round 2: Are new consoles being released too quickly?
    • Bella Ryse & Eric Jackson


  • What Grinds My Gears!
  • Questions from the audience