Shadow of the Tomb Raider might be revealed later this year

Tomb Raider might be revealed
The last game, Rise of the Tomb Raider (shown above) release first on Xbox One in 2015

Looks like we might be getting a look at the next Tomb Raider title fairly soon. According to some new information, Shadow of the Tomb Raider might be revealed sometime later this year.

However, it won’t be at E3 but instead sometime later this year. This comes from Facebook fan site Turning Point, who received word from the franchise’s Senior Community Manager Meagan Marie that “This will be a quiet E3 for Lara, but we’re looking forward to catching up on her new adventure later this year.”

That said, it certainly doesn’t mean there won’t be an event to showcase the title. Gamescom is in August, so that would certainly be a fitting time to release a trailer or gameplay demo. Hopefully that means we’d be looking at a release date sometime early in 2018. There’s also the developers to consider, as both Tomb Raider and Rise of the Tomb Raider were developed by Crystal Dynamics. However, Crystal Dynamics is also working on an untitled Avengers game. Does this mean development will take longer? Or is Crystal Dynamics mainly working on Shadow of the Tomb Raider? Only time will tell.

Personally, I loved the Tomb Raider reboot and its take on Lara Croft. Hopefully we’ll find out what’s next fairly soon.