Coming Soon: Super Sale Xbox One Back Compat Games

Super Sale Xbox One

Have you been waiting to get your hands on a few of those backwards compatible titles at a cheaper price? Well as of next week you will get your chance with the ‘Super Sale Xbox One’ backwards compatible games discounts starting on May 16th.

Major Nelson advises that there will be over 275 Xbox 360 titles discounted up to 75% off during this sale. The announcement tweet, which you can see below, showcases some of the heavier hitting titles such as Red Dead Redemption, Grand Theft Auto IV, Skate 3 and my personal favorite Call of Duty: Black Ops II.

With there being 378 titles in the backwards compatible library at the moment that equates to around 73% of games going on sale, and with the statement of ‘over 275 games’ this means realistically we are looking at 3/4’s of the backwards compatible library going on sale.

We will have to wait for further details to be revealed with the full list of games that will be discounted and how long the sale will go for (most likely one week ending on 22 May) so be sure to keep an eye on RGM and we will get you all these details as soon as they are released.

Save up your pennies people, this one is going to hurt your wallet!