Switch production goes into overdrive – 18 Million expected by March 2018

Switch production

Did you miss out on getting your hands on a Nintendo Switch? Is every store you go to always sold out? Well soon you will have an easier time finding them on shelves with Switch production being kicked into overdrive according to a recent report.

An increase in production will see a potential projected number of 18 Million Switch’s manufactured by March of 2018. The current shortage of consoles on shelves has led to an outcry from grumpy consumers to see stocks replenished, so this should at least turn a few frowns upside down.

Simple enough right? There is a demand, produce more to meet said demand. Well, if only if was in fact that easy. It turns out that Nintendo might have a roadblock in the way of meeting that projection with an apparent shortage of LCD screens in the market becoming a real concern.

Either way, there will be more Switches’ in the market so more Zelda loving; Mario Kart fanatics will be able to enjoy the next instalments in some of the most loved gaming franchises in history.