Aussie veteran creates epic Iron Man suit to entertain sick kids

3-years of dedicated hard work for a memorable experience for sick children

Iron Man Suit

As reported by, a 16 year army veteran turned a labour of love into an amazing Iron Man suit to entertain sick kids while they are in the hospital.

The painstakingly detailed steel suit took 3 years to make. The suit includes:

  • a voice changer
  • lights
  • sound effects
  • and a motorized helmet that retracts the face plate.

Barry Armstead drew inspiration from volunteers dressed up as characters from the Star Wars films and the Halo video game franchise while visiting his son in the hospital who was born pre-maturely.

In addition to help from local trades people, he received assistance and guidance from people on the internet.

Here’s hoping his hard work is recognized and he has the opportunity to show this off to other sick kids around the world (although we would prefer there was no need for it in this capacity as it’s heartbreaking to see children suffer).

Be sure to check out his YouTube channel if you’d like to see how he built the suit!