Devolver Digital E3 conference time and date announced

Devolver Digital E3 conference
This is the publisher's first E3 conference

Earlier this year, we reported that Devolver Digital was going to be holding an E3 press conference, a first for the publisher. However, we didn’t have an exact time. Now, we can happily confirm that the Devolver Digital E3 conference will be held on June 11th at 10 p.m. PDT.

Here’s the Twitter announcement:

We don’t know exactly what they’ll be showing, so hopefully that means we have some surprises to look forward to. That being said, they are seeming to show a level of apprehensive amusement at their first upcoming conference. This tweet in particular is amusing:

Certainly seems like it’s worth tuning in just to see what they mean by a “train wreck” however, that is certainly a very late time slot to hold a conference. Not much longer of a wait, so check back as we’ll be covering the conference and all other E3 2017 news very shortly.