E3 2017 Microsoft Press Conference: Metro Exodus has been announced

It is time to return to Russia and hunt down mutants !

E3 2017 Microsoft Press Conference Metro Exodus

During the E3 2017 Microsoft Press Conference, 4A Games revealed the third entry in their Metro franchise called Metro Exodus.
E3 2017 Microsoft Press Conference Metro Exodus

Lots of action and mutants in Russia, again

A gameplay demo was shown,  with previous characteristics of the franchise returning. It’s a first-person shooter with open-world elements, a futuristic apocalyptic world, lots of horror elements (like mutants and blood/gore), multiple jury-rigged weapons, close combat moves with a dagger, etc. You can see for yourself with the video just below.

The game was announced as a 2018 game. It is a Play Anywhere title, so it’s playable on PC and Xbox console. It will be Xbox One X enhanced but it’s not mentioned as being an exclusive.

The previous games of the franchise are really must-play shooters in my opinion, with influence of Half-Life and Bioshock. I am stoked for this game! Are you interested? Let us know in the comments.