E3 2017: Project Code: SHIFT Trailer and Details Revealed

"I wait for you, in a place where the sea meets the sky"

Project code

At Microsoft’s E3 conference we got to see a whole host of new games. Some were part of a bombardment of indie, ID @ Xbox titles, one of which being Project Code: SHIFT.

The full trailer for Project Code: SHIFT is now available to view below:

The game looks to be a cyber-samurai 2D hack and slash. The style is awesome and it looks ace. Though not much has been spoken off so far, the developer have been replying to comments on the trailer over on YouTube, revealing some more details of Project code: Shift:

  • There are three weapon types in the game (small, medium and large blades). They are mapped across two buttons on the controller and two of the blades will on one button, timing dictating which blade is used. This is subject to change.
  • Weapons can be used in various combo moves.
  • There is wall running in the game, but it is limited, indicated by an energy meter. This meter can be recovered by killing enemies while in the air.
  • There are two parallel worlds, one more futuristic. The ones being shown in the trailer are more temporary and are being updated as the game is still in development.
  • There are fatalities that can be executed to finish off enemies.
  • Some enemies will be able to block and parry attacks.
  • There will be multiple characters to choose from and a character customization option is being considered.
  • The developers invite real martial artists in China to perform the moves used in the game, the artists then hand draw the moves. They are then hand-animated into the game.
  • There will be PvE and PvP modes.

Project Code: SHIFT is aiming for a “holidays” release; ideally for the launch of Xbox One X. The developers are also aiming for a release on Steam, though the date for Steam is not mentioned.

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