E3 2017 Call of Duty WWII Reveal

It's time to go back in the trenches and fight some Nazis !

E3 2017 Call of Duty WWII

The E3 2017 Call of Duty WWII Reveal has just happened at the Sony Press Conference.

With actual in-game footage shown, the dark, gritty, boots on the ground gameplay that we love from the Call of Duty franchise is back.

Pre-ordering will give you access to the private beta which has no release date, unlike the game which will be releasing on November 3rd 2017.

Multiplayer Reveal Trailer is action packed !

In the video presentation various aspect of the gameplay were revealed:

  • Non-stop destruction
  • A huge variety of authentic WWII weapons
  • Close-combat moves showcasing the devastation of hand-to-hand warfare
  • Air raids (Planes! Hell yeah!)

Flame-throwers, soldiers been parachuted into the battle zone, building being decimated, yep this reveal had it all, reinforcing that Call of Duty is definitely going back to it’s routes.

This reveal kicked ass! I can’t wait now to see how the campaign and story will look as a finished product. What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments.