E32017 Battlefield 1 – A Revolution is Coming

E32017 Battlefield 1

The E32017 Battlefield 1 presentation has just occurred at the EA Play event.

In the name of the Tsar is heading to Battlefield 1 this September with 8 new maps in total, the addition of the Russian army, new vehicles and weapons, the woman’s battalion of death, and new multi-battle experiences.

A revolution is coming…………

Further details direct from Electronic Arts:

What is the working relationship between the Battlefield 1 dev team and the community?

David Sirland: The community is a valued partner in making our game shine. I believe we have taken steps towards becoming even more inclusive and attentive with our community in Battlefield 1 with our monthly releases and the Community Test Environment (CTE).

Lars Gustavsson: From my perspective, it’s a very fruitful relationship where we all share the same passion. The two-way communication is key for us as developers to better understand our players and where they are heading, so that what we do in the game always feels relevant and as a great step forward.

What type of feedback did the dev team get from the community for the new maps in June and July?

DS: With a set of night maps, the feedback tends to be skewed towards how to utilize the setting to the fullest – how we can fulfill the fantasies of players that have been longing for gameplay like large trench areas – and night time play in particular.

LG: In general, we get a lot of positive input. A lot of the feedback we have received has been targeting game mode tweaks, traversal, and the level of darkness.

It seems like the continued exploration of the French frontline is very much appreciated. By listening in on our community, we knew in the concept phase that the themes of trench-focused night battles and rural close quarter battles at night would be well received. 

Specifically, what was the feedback that the community gave the team that ended up in the update?

DS: Layout changes for particular game modes, and helping decide what type of layouts to use for our different modes as they were tested on the CTE to make sure we picked the best ones for the final map.

LG: There’s a long list of things, from the overall level of darkness to the number of vehicles on each map.


Can you tell us more about the Community Test Environment?

LG: The CTE is a separate game environment where we test out new features and improvements ahead of release. Battlefield 1 Premium Pass owners have access and can partake in playtesting and provide feedback on how we can make the game even better. When we feel happy with the changes they become part of the next update that we roll out.

DS: It’s essentially the place we work in as devs, and you are invited to come help make sure that future updates reach their full potential with the dev team!