Sony E3: Detroit: Become Human Debuts Tense, Thought-Provoking Story

With heavily-cinematic experiences like Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls under their belt, Quantic Dream knows how to show off a narrative. Their latest title Detroit: Become Human shows off the struggles in a future where android fights against human oppression.

This trailer focuses on Marcus, an android who becomes self-aware and works to help free his robotic brethren. The story is a primary focus as Marcus liberates robots and recruits them in the fight against humans. To show off the game’s open-ended nature and freedom of choice, multiple possibilities are shown for each choice. The consequences, as the trailer says, are yours to deal with. It teases an interesting perspective on the overall narrative along with some additional intensity. If the story can maintain the emotional highs and lows in the trailer, then QD may have another winner on their hands. If not, then the game may miss reaching the great potential it shows here.

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