BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle announced!

BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle
It's a four-way crossover!

Fans of fighting games, hold on to something because the ultimate crossover title is being unleashed. In a surprise announcement today during EVO 2017, ArcSystemWorks confirmed that a new game called BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle was coming in 2018!

Check out the announcement tweet here:

You can see the new teaser trailer here:

BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle is a tag-team crossover fighting game, featuring characters from Persona 4 Arena, Under Night In-Birth, and RWBY. The featured characters in this trailer are Ragna the Bloodedge from BlazBlue, Yu from Persona 4 Ultimate Arena, Hyde from UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH, and Ruby Rose from RWBY. Yeah.

To say this a huge deal would be an understatement. With this announcement, Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite will have some major competition. That said however, BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle does not have a firm release date or confirmed platforms. The teaser trailer simply states it is coming to console in 2018. Still, the fact that a crossover game of this magnitude is happening is simply incredible. Hopefully we’ll get a solid release date fairly soon.