DOOM update 6.66 brings free DLC and revamped multiplayer

DOOM update 6.66
Free DLC and more

Great news for DOOM players out there! The new patch, DOOM update 6.66, is now live! This update completely overhauls quite a bit of the game’s current structure. With that said, let’s dive right in.

Update 6.66 Details

Free DLC

First up, all DLC is now free. Yeah, you read that correctly. If you don’t own the Season Pass or haven’t purchased some of the packs, don’t worry. All of the maps, armor sets, guns, demons and everything else, it’s all being made free for all players to enjoy. All of this is great news however, there’s far more.

Revised Multiplayer Unlocks

Unlock requirements for pretty much everything are being heavily reworked. Instead of needing to hit a certain level or having to buy a DLC to unlock something, everything now has a challenge associated with it. Once the requirements for the challenge are met, the item is unlocked. Veteran DOOM players don’t need to worry however, as they have the option of resetting or keeping their unlocks. That being said though, every player’s level is being reset to Level 0.

Multiplayer Gameplay Changes

Several new changes to the HUD are being implemented to help players better understand callouts for challenges and scoring. Additionally, a new Runes system has been added. These Runes will function similarly to Runes in the campaign. They replace the earlier Hack Module system.

For a full list of DOOM update 6.66 patch notes, check here.

These are some fantastic updates and its great that Id Software is continuing to improve DOOM like this. I imagine we’ll be getting more free content in the future however obviously we’ll just have to wait and see.